Intermediate Microeconomics [b]: A Modern Approach (7th Edition) by Hal R. Varian

Economics in One Lesson [b] Henry Hazlitt

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Wilmott Quantitative Finance Quantitative finance

Mises Austrian School of Economics

AmosWEB Micro and Macroeconomics


Khan Academy [v] Economics/Finance

LSE: Introduction to Econometrics [v] Full Course with Resources

Youtube/misesmedia Mises videos

Marxist Economics Lectures [v] Professor Richard D. Wolff

Reading Marx’s Capital [v] Professor David Henry

EconTalk Economics Podcast

Recommended Economics Blogs

List of Econ Bloggers Paul Krugman Greg Mankiw Andy Harless Jospeh Stiglitz David Beckworth Scott Sumner Bill Woolsey Ed Dolan Ed Dolan 2nd blog James D. Hamilton Econ news Ernie Chan


Investopedia Financial Tutorials beginner to advanced lessons on investment with a native financial dictionary

Stockcharts Learning resource for the fundamentals of technical analysis

Finviz Stock screener for investors

Grok Trade [v] Self-learning resource for technical analysis

24/7 Wall Street Economic commentary by equity investors

Investors Financial news for investors

Google Finance Stock market quotes and news

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NBER Economic Research Publications

Social Science Research Network Social science papers